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MerrionIT has been providing software development solutions to small, medium and large clients, within the educational, financial sectors. For over 13 years our team has gained specialized knowledge covering various technology areas. We pride ourselves in offering contemporary solutions customized to our clients exact requirements.

The Irish School of Motoring

MerrionIT developed a Booking Engine where all appointments for ISM driving instructors are booked and allocated in real-time. The system is intelligent is that calendar slots are controlled using mathematical algorithms. The platform accommodates online and mobile access.

To know more about the client visit: www.ism.ie


Liberator has developed a range of products and services in the area of aircraft weight and balance, fuel cost reduction, e-manuals and data auditing/compliance. A key element of the Liberator business proposition is the attractive cost/value ratio it offers.

The Liberator Fuel Index System enables longhaul airlines to reduce their fuel burn costs by focussing on operations from the ground up. Airlines now use the LFI System to benchmark fuel burn performance across all routes, aircraft types, and handling agents. Fuel burn is optimised to reduce costs and further enhance levels of safety. Real time, web based information displays and reports are immediately available in graphic and tabular formats.

To know more about the client visit: www.liberator.aero

M&B Conversions LTD

Located in Dublin, Ireland, a world centre for aviation companies, M&B Conversions Ltd. is a joint venture established, and equally owned by, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Mitsui) and Bedek Aviation Group of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI), for developing and marketing specially configured conversion programs B767-300 freighters.

To know more about the client visit: www.mbconversions.com

GPX Rail Ltd

GPX Rail is a civil engineering company which specialises in all aspects of rail installation and maintenance. We provide a high quality service with a stern commitment to safety. Our staff are continually assessed and trained up to the highest standards. We work alongside our clients to provide safe, quality and value for money projects.

To know more about the client visit www.http://gpxrail.com/

ITI-Irish Taxation Institute

The Irish Taxation Institute (ITI) is the examining and professional standards body for the tax profession in Ireland. The Institute offers a range of professional training programmes. It educates, informs, represents and sets standards for tax advisers. Apart from a one-year and three-year formal qualification programmes, the ITI also has a wide range of professional development programmes, ranging from annual conferences to tailored training for individual organisations.

To know more about the client visit: www.taxireland.ie

The Law Library of Ireland

The Law Library of Ireland is run by the Bar Council of Ireland, which is the regulatory body for all practising barristers in Ireland. It provides the most modern and up-to-date legal resources to the barristers of The Bar Council.

MerrionIT is building an Intranet System, which will allow The Law Library to facilitate a new user-oriented online experience. This will contain a personalised portal page, shop window sites, RSS feeds and single sign-on. It will act as a one-stop information tool to help improve communication and work efficiency across all members in a consistent and effective manner.

To know more about the client visit www.lawlibrary.ie

The Super Generation

The Super Generation helps students, educators and the wider community to achieve their potential in learning and leadership. This is achieved by delivering edgy, dynamic and fun study skills workshops and leadership seminars with supporting tools which engage all learners. We embed effective study skills techniques in the learner, ensuring they have the tools, strategies and mindset to succeed.

If you are looking to improve your students’ study and learning skills – The Super Generation can help. We provide study and learning skills workshops and seminars for students throughout Ireland. Find your favourite study and learning skills workshop.

To know more about the client visit: http://www.thesupergeneration.com/

Retail inMotion

Retail inMotion is an industry leading in-flight retail specialist. We are a first in class product, service and solutions provider to the new breed of cost conscious and profit driven airline. We are proud to be the world’s first results driven in-flight retail supplier. We have a proven track record with some of the world’s largest and most demanding airlines.

To know more about the client visit: www.retailinmotion.com

Book The Kids Party

Book The Kids Party offers the opportunity to book your child’s party online. This innovated site, is unique, in that it allows users to make a booking directly into the calendar of their favourite entertainer or party venue.

To know more about the client visit: www.bookthekidsparty.com


Founded in 1988, Castaway Actor's Agency is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at increasing the influence of individual actors over the professional management of their careers.

To know more about the client visit: www.irish-actors.com

My Address.ie

MyAddress.ie's vision is to make updating your details with Ireland's leading companies easier, more effective and hassle free. MyAddress.ie was launched in October 2008. It was formerly branded as NewAddress.ie. The name was changed due to the increase in the number of services offered.

To know more about the client visit: www.myaddress.ie

Wild Orchard

Wild Orchard is the largest Irish manufacturer of Smoothie drinks. Started in 2000 by two refugees of the corporate world; Diarmuid Crowley and John O’Keefe; the company has flourished, with an absolute dedication to the highest quality natural products.

Wild Orchard makes healthy drinks that taste great. It is a fresh fruit drinks company with a reputation for innovative recipes and the finest quality. Its smoothies and fresh drinks are 100 pure, natural products with no additives or preservatives. It is based in the village of Hospital in County Limerick.

To know more about the client visit: www.wildorchard.ie

Munster Rugby

Munster Rugby is an Irish professional rugby union club based in Munster, that competes in the Magners League and Heineken Cup. The team represents the Irish Rugby Football Union Munster Branch which is one of four branches of the IRFU, and is responsible for rugby union in the Irish province of Munster and a number of junior clubs.

To know more about the client visit: www.munsterrugby.ie


SailClever is a software company focused on the development of applications for inshore yacht racers. The company was formed in September 2006 with the aim of providing users with clear, accurate and timely information at all stages during the race.

To know more about the client visit: www.sailclever.com

MerrionIT designs and develops software solutions that satisfy specific requirements unique to each customer. IT technologies provide companies with the opportunity to improve their business processes, and thus achieve growth and increase profits.

These can be desktop, client-server and web-based applications. MerrionIT programmers can develop applications for either the Linux/Unix or Windows platforms. Our specialists will take care that the solution will be ergonomically correct and pleasant to work with.

Where there is a need to develop a new solution, which needs to be integrated with other systems, our programmers will always find the best, easy low cost way to do this. Being the best is our goal– and we are true experts in Systems Integration. So whether you need a quality application development for yourself or for your client, you can always rely on our professionalism and experience.

Customer Profile

Liberator was co-founded in 2003 by Kevin Pryor and Tony McDermott who used their blend of I.T. and business expertise as the inspiration for starting up the company. Liberator has developed a range of products and services in the area of fuel conservation, operational data management and audits.


Liberator.aero wanted to build a system that would capture the airline loadsheets data and provide efficient mechanism for fuel usage and cost savings to the airline. The Liberator Fuel Index (LFI) system was the answer which helps Airlines to Monitor, Gauge, and Compare data for the purpose of compliance and better customer decision making.


Web-based system that enables key staff of Airlines to familiarise and remain tuned in to airline operations and associated activities as they happen Interactive data-driven graphs that apart from providing quick snapshots; also provide multiple views of the data. The graphs can be further drilled down for details in tabular format Automatic Loadsheets Parser - Real time data updates that read data received in an email format and populate the database Easy to use administration management system allows Admin to manage Multiple Airlines & their individual data through profile restricted access. The application enabled complex arithmetic calculations to be automated and displayed the output graphically

Technologies Used

  • ASP .Net
  • Visual Basic .Net
  • SQL Server 2000
  • FusionCharts: V3 and Instrumentation (Animated/Data Driven Chart Collection)

Web-based software allows you to deliver a range of functionality and information over any or all of your browser based systems – your intranet, your password-protected extranet or your website. No longer tied down to individual desktops, LANs, or even the office, web-based software allows people to access your functions and information from anywhere, at any time.

MerrionIT has the in-house expertise to design and develop a wide range of web-based software applications. We can help you to define your processes and then develop a bespoke application that exactly suits your requirements

Customer Profile

Fun Fitness is a children’s play centre that caters for children’s birthday parties. They followed the traditional pencil and paper based business process for making bookings. I.e. the customer phones or comes into the Fun Fitness reception to book their birthday party. Fun Fitness fills in the booking form and makes the booking for the client.

As the business started growing, Fun Fitness realized that the management and booking of parties in different venues spread across multiple locations is getting tedious and complicated. Especially in the peak seasons (school holidays) keeping track of multiple bookings was getting difficult.

The combination of different party types with each party requiring different items, the possibility to choose between different dates and times was the reason why Fun Fitness felt the need of a good booking system to make this task as easy as possible.


The basic functionality of the system was to keep track of parties in different counties, venues and their equipment, and booking of parties by users. There should be a simple way of getting an overview of the bookings. The system should be interoperable with any platform and OS. A party booker should be able to reserve and cancel his/her own bookings and should be able to search for a parties with a certain property like county, venue, party provider and equipment. There should be an administrator that can administrate the whole system through the interface without writing any SQLqueries. This includes the management of add, edit and delete functions for every entity in the system including new users and their privilege management. The system should be a complete content management system for handling the reservations of parties, & equipment. The interoperability of the system should make it easy to access and use from different platforms. Communications module to keep track of all the communication w.r.t. each party booking


The work began by contacting the people at the Fun Fitness Complex and an appointment was scheduled for the evaluation of their existing booking process. They showed how their existing pencil & paper process of reserving a party for a particular occasion/date worked.

With the evaluation of the existing process several sketches were drawn of the interface and basic functionality and user scenarios. The sketches together with the requirements of the system were an excellent background to make the EER diagram of the database that was needed to perform this complicated task.

The focus on the system was on the party event types and the users which makes the booking of the events. To get interoperability it was decided that the system should be web-based. Because of this, HTML together with an embedded scripting language .NET was used. The back-end of the system was chosen to be the relational database system named SQL Server.

Distribution of all the work and an agreement on how to put the system together was done and all code was put in a repository at the Fun Fitness Staging server using a common FTP-server. Then the implementation phase began with a lot of testing. The design and requirement analysis phase of the development was a very important foundation to start the implementation. This made it very easy to create the user interface from the sketches and distribute work among group members which lead to a quite good prototype.

Authentication to the system was done through a log on procedure where the party provider writes his/her user name and password. The user name and password is then verified against the database. If the log on succeeded the user will receive a privilege that the system has given to the user. There are four different types of privileges which are Viewer, Party Booker, Party Provider and Admin.

The viewer can look at parties and search for events, the booker can reserve and cancel his/her own bookings and the administrator can manage the whole system. The privilege that the user got is determined by what kind of access to the system it will have. The management of the log on session was handled by the .NET built in functions.


The system that has been created is a complete party booking system. It has functions for handling users with different privileges; it shows the party bookings in an intuitive way and has a fully administrative web-interface. The booking schedule (day/week/month-view) can be seen which is an easy to use interface for managing party bookings. The availability of the events for a party on a particular date is shown in a calendar view with different colours.

The system has a complete administrative interface. The administrator can manipulate the whole database from the web-interface. Features like Add Booking, Edit Booking, and View Booking makes it easy for an administrator to manage the system. The administrator can also reserve and cancel any bookings made by the party bookers.


We have demonstrated our abilities to build a Party booking system with SQL Server as the back-end and a front-end in HTML embedded with .NET. It is easy to make party bookings in the graphical user interface and the day/week/month schema gives a good overview of the party bookings. The combinations of the search functions, the ability to book the party for any user and the ability to manage the whole database from the web-site made this system a very powerful administrative party booking system. The security model used based on different privilege for different users also makes the system a real-life application.

Customer Profile :

Irish Taxation Institute (ITI)

The Irish Taxation Institute (ITI) is the examining and professional standards body for the tax profession in Ireland. The Institute offers a range of professional training programmes. It educates, informs, represents and sets standards for tax advisers. Apart from a one-year and three-year formal qualification programmes, the ITI also has a wide range of professional development programmes, ranging from annual conferences to tailored training for individual organisations.

The Challenge

The Institute of Taxation in Ireland (ITI) required a new Student Administration System that would provide one central platform for all customer contact that would unlock new advances in available technologies as well as future-proofing for further advances.


Provide an exemplary online student management experience To provide a scalable, stable and secure system with high redundancy and reliability. To accommodate the anticipated growth of their student and member database To create a more user-friendly system that would empower the Institute’s workforce to carry out their routine work efficiently. To provide the management with detailed reporting for effective decision-making. To provide web-based access to student and member details

Key Challenges

To promote and facilitate effective sponsorship of the project. To understand the user perspective of a requirement and deliver exactly as specified and anticipated by all the stakeholders. To ensure that the necessary processes were in place to handle the inevitable change requests that occurs on such large projects. To plan for an elaborate data cleansing and migration exercises so that the transition from the existing legacy system is smooth and seamless


The solution was developed as a browser-based client utilizing .Net and SQL Server 2000 technologies.

MerrionIT worked closely with ITI in the planning stage to ensure that both the graphic design (the UI) and functionality of the system met all requirements. To support the written specification document, MerrionIT built an interactive prototype of the deliverable StudentPlus system. Every prospective user of the new system was given an opportunity to review and give feedback on design, usability, flexibility and completeness.

MerrionIT produced a new database design based on the old database and additional requirements outlined in the brief. A data cleansing exercise had been carried out on the old database and a migration exercise had been carried out into the new design retaining the data relevance and also relationships.

StudentPlus provided an extensive administration and management system allowing ITI to update the master data of the system right from users to the business information on a needs be basis.

StudentPlus also provided for an exhaustive reporting mechanism in the form of charts as well as graphs and with all the reports being exportable to excel. The reporting mechanism provided interface to generate reports based specific data and search criteria.


Single platform, Robust and Scalable solution. Extensive MIS system capable of evolving as new requirements arise System is intuitive and simple to use – therefore users need just a couple of hours training to learn how to operate. Easy to use administration management system allows ITI to assign access rights for each area with a single click. Administrator facility to carry out internal audits on the quality of the information available and carry out maintenance activities to keep the data up to date. Save employee time. Some of the routine reports and jobs that required the staff to long hours compiling them are now a click away. Capability to integrate easily with peripheral systems

Technologies Used

  • ASP .Net
  • Visual Basic .Net
  • Server 2000

ITI-Irish Taxation Institute

"MerrionIT provided a comprehensive solution that improved and simplified our business processes. They went the extra mile to ensure that as a customer we are completely satisfied with our Student Plus system"

  • Stephen Walsh
  • Project Manager & IT Systems
  • Coordinator Irish Taxation Institute


"Liberator has worked with MerrionIT(MIT) to jointly develop this innovative system. We have been impressed by the quality, professionalism and technical competence of the MIT team. We really appreciate their commitment to delivering a quality product and their “can do” attitude. We look forward to further cultivating this relationship as we grow our business and have full confidence that MIT can meet our needs".

  • Kevin Pryor
  • Joint Managing Director
  • Liberator.aero


“I needed a professional, friendly and functional website to launch www.MyAddress.ie, and I only had a few weeks to do so. Once MerrionIT received the information from me, their team presented me with three very good design options. Working with them was very easy and they understood my requirements. The website was completed on time. I am very satisfied with the design work and final output, and I’m delighted to recommend "MerrionIT"

  • Derek Quinn
  • Managing Director
  • MyAddress.ie

Wild Orchard

“'MerrionIT provides a first class service and has never missed a deadline during the time we have been using their services. We are happy to recommend this highly professional and efficient company.”

  • John O’Keeffe
  • Co-founder & Sales Director

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